Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An entirely random assortment of updates

A week or so ago I added a few snippets of information to the Wing One-Place Study website and forgot to tell you about them.

They aren't entirely random of course, they have all come from the Bucks Herald.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A new vicar

I understand that Wing has a new vicar - welcome to Rev Helen Barnes! She is the first female vicar of Wing and I'm very excited to be able to add her to my list of clergy of All Saints.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

TATHAM memorials

Following on from yesterday's update of various memorial inscriptions for vicar Peter Thomas Ouvry, today it's the turn of vicar Francis Henry Tatham. As well as his family gravestone, now rather neglected and overgrown, there's a handsome memorial inside All Saints and the lovely lychgate to the church.

Going to the chapel

But you won't be getting married, as these chapels are no longer open. I've added a photo of the former Primitive Methodist chapel in Crafton to the Methodist webpage, and a photo of the former Union chapel in Littleworth to the Independents webpage.

Monday, June 30, 2014

OUVRY stained glass

There are a couple of vicars who each spent several decades in Wing, thereby ensuring I'm intimately acquainted with their handwriting!

The first of these was Peter Thomas Ouvry who passed away in 1891. Today I have uploaded a new memorial inscription page for the Ouvry family - this contains not only their family gravestone, situated on the edge of the graveyard bordering the Vicarage, but also the stunning stained glass memorial to Rev. Ouvry inside All Saints. On the webpage I've included a newspaper report of the unveiling of the stained glass in 1895.

In future I'll generally be ensuring that you can click through on any photo on the website to see a larger version, and this is the first memorial inscription page I've done this for.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Common Pleas

Just a quick note to say there is a new page up on the website - this lists cases for Wing residents found in the Rolls of the Court of Common Pleas in the 1418 to 1519 period. The cases were very kindly provided to me by Vance, who is a descendant of the early MEADs of Wing and is part of the volunteer team indexing these rolls for the Anglo-American Legal Tradition.

I wasn't previously aware of this website but it's a very exciting one if you are interested in early legal cases in Britain - they have the permission of the National Archives to digitize and put these records online, all for free, so if you have traced your family quite far back and are aware of a court case involving them it's worth taking the time to figure out how the AALT website works and see if the image is there so you can read all the details (possibly assuming you can read Latin, or course). I'll be spending a bit more time looking around myself, there's so much material there!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wing football team 1928

Occasionally you receive exciting mail and today was one of those days. Thanks to the lovely Barbara in the US, I now have a newspaper clipping about the Wing football team of 1927/8! This photo was published in the Leighton Buzzard Observer in February 1988:

Wing football team 1927/28
A letter from Joe Brand of Wantage Close was subsequently published - the sole surviving member of the group at that time, he named the men as follows:

Back row standing: P Paxton (trainer), W Corbett, W Woolhead, L Pitchford, E Gates, Joe Brand, G Woodwards, Mr Osborne (chairman), landlord of the Dove Inn [which you can see in the background] P Janes, and L Corbett (secretary).

Middle row seated: J Corbett (linesman), B Roper, W Rowe, V Woodwards, and Mr Fowler of Aylesbury (referee).

Front row seated: M Bolton, L Bandy, W Hounslow, O Horne, and F Rickard.

The team had won the Marsworth Cup a week or two previously. Well done, lads!

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